About Bearemon and others...

Lo se, lo se, Bearemon esta tomando mucho tiempo. Desde que lo lancé pregunté por gente que tuviera el juego para ayudar, pero nadie lo hizo, asi que estoy pensando en lanzarlo tal y como esta. El último chico que lo revisó me dijo que la versión actual tiene solo un par de cosas por arreglar (que despues tuvo problemas con sus padres y no pudo decirme que eran) supongo que son muy pequeñas. La versión que puedes comprar desde hace tiempo es casi la misma que la versión final (una que dice "candidate version" en el menú) pero la final tendra algunos pequeños arreglos en algunas ilustraciones. La final será lanzada en unas dos semanas o asi, poco despues de conseguir mi nuevo Disco Duro para el ordenador.

Tambien estoy pensando en hacer un nuevo juego que no es Bearemon 2, pero que vendrá despues de terminar Detective Puzzle capitulos 3 y 4.


I know, I know, Bearemon is taking for very long time. Since I released I asked for people than got it to help, but none did, so I'm thinking to released it like is right now. The last guy than checked it told me than only had two or three things to fix (than after that he got problems with his parents) so I suppose than are so small. The version than you can purchase since long time ago is almost the same than the final one (it say "candidate version" in the menu) but the final one will have some small fix in some artworks. This one will be released in two weeks or so, when I got my new Hard Disk for my computer.

Also I'm thinking to do a new game than is not Bearemon 2, but it will come after finish Detective Puzzle chapter 3 and 4.


Triton said...

Yeah, Finally.

Final Version of Bearemon will be release!

I think next will be a Fantasy?
Sorry, Just I want that.

But, I think next game should be a variety laguage.

Crazylove said...

Yeah, finally it seem than we gonna get lucky with that, a guy told me to check the translation and it seem than will be much better ^^

Next game will be a cracy but funny idea ^^ About language... just I can't multi language, the game engine only support english, I can't do it in spanish than is my main language... by sample: I can't put any accent or "ñ". Accents can be skiped but it don't look so proffesional, but "ñ" can change the complete sense of the word. Año = year, ano = anus XD

Just a sample, and I can't imagine to translate it to another languages like french or Italian than I don't know a word since the english version of Bearemon took me almost 2 years...