My Tumblr and some more things

 I keep working on the galleries. Is a hard work because most of the pictures has an old adress than doesn't work anymore. That's why I'm finding every picture on old cd's and HDD's, taking it (Trying to find the original one, but sometimes it can't be possible) editing the URL and maybe some detail.

 The good new is I'm finding some old works never released over internet, so that's nice :)

 Since Facebook suppose to not allow porn, I'm posting slowly those artworks to mt Tumblr, so if you want an sneak preview of my galleries, follow me!!


 Thank you for everyone who say good work over my works.


Working in a new forum and galleries

I'm working hard on take back the forum and put the galleries on. Right now there's few comics with the info and some for free. I will keep working on it the next days, so keep and eye on this blog!!


 Estoy trabajando en devolver el foro y poner las galerias. Ahora mismo esta la info de algunos comics y algunos gratis. Seguire trabajando por los siguientes días, ¡¡asi que estad atentos!!