My Son is a Skinhead chapter 3 online!

 Has been a long time since chapter 2, but My Son is a Skinhead chapter 3 is already ready to purchase. You can get your copy joining chubold.com or directly here:

There’s chapter 1 and 2 also.I’m happy with the result. Next will be the last one.

 If in any way you don't like Chubold, I'm publishing chapter 1 in Booth also. Booth is the online shop comming from the famous in Japana pixiv.net, so it could be nice for japanese people. Anyway, there's only the english version, so if you want to help translating it into japanese, you can help.

 You can contact me on my e-mail: crazylove [alt] gmail . com (all together and changing [alt] by a @) not only for the translation, you can contact me for anything.

 BTW, talking about translations... I'm still looking to check the english translation of Touch my Heart who is at my forum and hitting the banner at the right part of the screen.


About Touch my Heart translation...

 Since I've posted Touch my Heart online, I don't get a single work about it or the translation. I need the translation to post the final version and keep going. So please, If you speak english has main language, help me with it.

 Thank you!

PS: While I wait I keep working on My Son is a Skinhead 3.


Desde que puse Touch my Heat online no tuve ni una sola palabra sobre él ni sobre la traducción. Necesito la traducción para poner la versión final y seguir con otras cosas. Asi que por favor, si hablas ingles como lengua madre, ayudame.


PD: Mientras espero yo continuo trabajando en My Son is a Skinhead 3.


News at the forum about languages

 I've did changes about the forum because I noticed the main language was spanish, but most of the people speaks english. There's was already the english language at the forum, but you have to change your language, so If you already had an account, you can change it, but the new accounts will have english language without do anything.

 In other hand, I've installed few language accounts like german, italian and few more, but you need to change it at your account once you create it.


 Me di cuenta de que el idioma por defecto era el español, y puesto que la mayoría habla ingles, lo establecí por defecto. Si hablas español y ya tenias creada la cuenta no tendras problema, se quedara asi, pero si la creas ahora, puedes cambiar el idioma en tu configuración de cuenta una vez creada.

 Tambien instalé varios pack de idiomas como alemán, italiano y algunos más, pero necesitas cambiarlos una vez creas la cuenta.


Touch my Heart Online!!

 Touch my Heart is a old comic, the 1st one published under the nickname "Crazylove" (there's a previous couple never finished, but I will post soon) than is 45 pages long. It was published around 1998, but since people was asking for it, and I had problems to find a good version of it, I updated it with higher res, improved art and better letter fonts.

The bad part is because also I updated the translation because people was not happy with it, so I tried to do it by myself, but I feel than needs to get checked up by american and english people. So, if your main language is english (I know there's a lot of people with good english, but still sound weird for people who speaks english everyday since born) please, help me.

 The comic has a big letters saying "Preview" because I don't want to get shared untill is perfect. After I have it ready, I will post the clear version without letters.

 You can check it HERE or at the menu at the right.


 Touch my Heart es un viejo comic, el primero que publiqué bajo el apodo de "Crazylove" (hay un par anteriores que nunca se terminaron pero que publicare por aquí pronto) que tiene 45 páginas. Se lanzó en 1998, pero que hace tiempo que la gente me pregunta por él, y no lo encontraba en buena calidad. Por esa razón lo actualice con resolucción más alta, mejoras en los dibujos y mejores fuentes de letras.

 Por ahora no hay versión en español, pero lo lanzare tan pronto como salga la versión definitiva en ingles, a la que arriba pido ayuda para corregirlo (pero como digo, solo los que su ingles sea materno, para que no suene raro para los americanos) asi que un poco de paciencia.

 En el comic tienes un gran cartel que dice "Preview" porque no quiero que se comparta libremente hasta que no este perfecto. Asi que una vez lo este saldra una versión sin ese cartel.

 Lo tienes AQUI o en el menu de la derecha.


Keeping updating

I've keept working on the Blog. I've update the menu at the right, I've upload the full old galleries (still working on medium and new) and part of "My Son is a Skinhead" is there. I've set the button for Facebook (again) and the new one for Tumblr. to make easier adding me has friend.


Estuve trabajando en el Blog. Actualicé el menu de la derecha, subí las galerias de trabajos antiguos (todavía trabajo en las medias y nuevas) y parte de "My Son is a Skinhead" ya esta ahi. Puse los botones de Facebook (otra vez) y el nuevo de  Tumblr. para hacer más fácil añadirme.


My Tumblr and some more things

 I keep working on the galleries. Is a hard work because most of the pictures has an old adress than doesn't work anymore. That's why I'm finding every picture on old cd's and HDD's, taking it (Trying to find the original one, but sometimes it can't be possible) editing the URL and maybe some detail.

 The good new is I'm finding some old works never released over internet, so that's nice :)

 Since Facebook suppose to not allow porn, I'm posting slowly those artworks to mt Tumblr, so if you want an sneak preview of my galleries, follow me!!


 Thank you for everyone who say good work over my works.


Working in a new forum and galleries

I'm working hard on take back the forum and put the galleries on. Right now there's few comics with the info and some for free. I will keep working on it the next days, so keep and eye on this blog!!


 Estoy trabajando en devolver el foro y poner las galerias. Ahora mismo esta la info de algunos comics y algunos gratis. Seguire trabajando por los siguientes días, ¡¡asi que estad atentos!!