My Son is a Skinhead chapter 3 online!

 Has been a long time since chapter 2, but My Son is a Skinhead chapter 3 is already ready to purchase. You can get your copy joining chubold.com or directly here:

There’s chapter 1 and 2 also.I’m happy with the result. Next will be the last one.

 If in any way you don't like Chubold, I'm publishing chapter 1 in Booth also. Booth is the online shop comming from the famous in Japana pixiv.net, so it could be nice for japanese people. Anyway, there's only the english version, so if you want to help translating it into japanese, you can help.

 You can contact me on my e-mail: crazylove [alt] gmail . com (all together and changing [alt] by a @) not only for the translation, you can contact me for anything.

 BTW, talking about translations... I'm still looking to check the english translation of Touch my Heart who is at my forum and hitting the banner at the right part of the screen.