Eian of Blue Gables released!!

Desde hace unas horas ya puedes comprar tu copia de Eian of Blue Gables. simplemente entra en Chubold.com y consigue tu link de descarga por 7.95$.

Pronto añadire un botón de descarga en el menu.

Since few hours ago you can buy Eian of Blue Gables. Just go to Chubold.com get your download link by 7.95$.

I will add a new button at the menu soon.


The Boss

Aqui teneis una nueva petición, esta vez por parte de Gohman a quien teneis agradecer que no tenga problema para compartirla con todos vosotros. Hay dos versions para descargar.

Here is a new commision, this time by Gohman, so say thanks to him because he haven't any problem to share it with you all, guys. Two versions to download.

You have three versions to choise.


Eian of Blue Gables status: 99% + new comic

Blue Gables is already finished, but still need to fix my english translate. Now I'm waiting for the guy who check the translations (Gohman) but is missing in action since few days ago.

The other guy missing is Zovi, I lost all contact after he paid a commision for a drawing based on Hayato Furinji (from Stronger Disciple Kenichi) so I can't continue till he show up.

Other way I can't continue is whith Full Metal Alchemist Secret Chronicles, I'm still waiting for someone to fix the english translation. This coul going much faster, but is stoped cause people don't take part on it.

That is why I already started a new one shot, this time is a bit different about usually I do. More details soon.


Eian of Blue Gables status: 80%

Ese comic basado en Tejas Verdes (renombrado a Tejas Azules en mi versión) esta muy cerca de ser finalizado. Esta tomando más de lo esperado por lo que ya dije que me estaba mudando de casa y bueno... surgieron unos problemillas, uno de ellos relacionado con mi conexión de internet.

Bueno, dejando los problemillas, espero que este terminado en una semana o dos.


That comic based on Green Gables (renamed on Blue Gables on my version) is very close to be finished. It is taking a bit longer than I expected cause has I said previosly, I moved to a new house and I got some problems on the proccess, one of them is about my internet connection.

Well.. problems away, I hope it whould be ready in a week or two.