New commision: Brother's Fight

 Here's the other commision by "Gaytwinbros" who again asked for a conjoined twin. This time are black guys who fight in a special way. I have to say I get a lot of fun doing this.

CL Twins comic brothers fight m

Aquí teneis otra comisión  de "Gaytwinbros" que pidió de nuevo unos siameses pero esta vez negros, que lucha de una forma especial. Tengo que decir que me divertí mucho haciendo esto.


Big Fat (Sexy) John Stobart said...

Very well done for that picture of Gandalf and Gimli kissing and fiddling with each other's willy sticks, it is very very good and you should be extremely proud.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen you in recent years, how are you doing? Still drawing illustrations? Hope can see you on Pixiv again.