Merlock+Benjamin raping a sage

Aqui teneis otro demoniaco encargo de Newbear. Merlock (un personaje de Disney) y una oscura versión de Ben (personaje inventado por Newbear) violando un sacerdote (creado por mi) solo ved la imágen :) Dad las gracias a Newbear por permitirme compartila con todos vosotros.

Here is an evil commision by Newbear. Merlock (a character from Disney) and a dar version of Ben (a character created by Newbear) raping a sage (created by me) just watch the image :) Say thanks you Newbear to allow me to share it with all of you.


기드 said...

Thank you Newbear!

Actually, I didn't no about merlock but now I know him and...
He is a good looking character!

Really, Really, Really Thank you for the Share it!

Crazylove said...

Newbear is the commmisioner, since he agreed about it, I can share with all of you :)

Merlock is a Disney character, a bad guy. I din't know about him eighter, but he liked a lot to Newbear, and I agree he is hot :)