Detective Puzzle chapter 3 still alive

Lo se... lo se... dije que no podria dibujar comics por una tempoerada, pero desde que estamos en vacaciones puedo gastar algún tiempo en ello. El capitulo 3 de Detective Puzzle tienen algunas dificultades extra que los anteriores, por que la historia necesita dos capitulos y tengo que completar tambien el 4. Por otro lado estoy intentando condensar las viñetas para obtener el mayor número de paginas para escenas de sexo y a la vez contar una historia interesante.


I know... I know... I said than I can't work on comics for some time, but since is holydays I can spend some time on it. Detective Puzzle chapert 3 have some extra problems cause I need two chapters for the story and I got to complete the chapter 4 also. By other way i'm working on condese the frames to obtain the most page I can for sex scenes and tell a interesting story at same time.


Anonymous said...

I actually just purchased both Detective Puzzles like a few seconds ago :P. I can't wait to see what they're like.

BTW, are you still taking commissions? On your forum you have a topic about ordering a drawing. But the topic is dated a few years, so I'm not sure if you are still open for that sort of thing. Because I'm very interested in purchasing a drawing :).

Crazylove said...


Very nice, I was thinking to make a gift to all those guys are buying Detective Puzzle and How I Met Santa, but not sure when and if finally I can do it due free time.

About order a drawing, sure, you can post in that forum or send me a e-mai to crazylovebbd@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

It won't let me post in the forum yet because it says I still need staff approval for the account I created. Also, I wrote out an email to the address you gave me and it keeps coming back with failure delivery status.

Since I can't get in contact in either method so far I guess I'll just post what I wrote in the email here :P.

"The picture I want is of a sexy college professor :). The face of the professor should be based or loosely based on this guy:


He would be a chubby older guy just like the men you usually draw.

Using your Santa comic as sort of a reference...his body should be
similar to that of the Santa you drew in 2004. He would be hairier,
however. Sort of like the Santa you drew throughout the comic. A nice
hairy body.

In terms of what he would look like. He would
only be wearing 2 things. One, is a set of glasses just like the Santa
in the comic. The second is a neck tie. Basically, just enough to
make him look like a derobed professional :P.

The professor
would be sitting on a desk. Maybe a simple chalkboard in the
background. Basically a simple background similar to this:


Just to set the school theme :).

The professor would basically be nude presenting himself in a sexy
way. As if to beckon someone to come make love to his beautiful body
:). His cock could also be dripping with cum just like you have in
your Santa 2004 pic.

That's the basic jist of it. Let me know
if this is doable. Also, how much would you want for a piece like
this? And what's your paypal as I can send the payment out right away
whenever you approve the idea and price.

Thanks again. Happy 2010! "

Anonymous said...

BTW, the email to get in contact with me is billy_kane_32@hotmail.com So if you can get into contact with me about the approval or other info on the commission, please let me know ;).

Crazylove said...

Sure, I will try to send you a sketch next days ^^ more details by e-mail.